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Environmental protections must be top of agenda after leaving EU says Green Party

THE Green Party is highlighting the crucial need for collaborative working with European neighbours in fighting the climate crisis now that the UK is leaving the European Union.

Alongside this the Party also highlights the to need tackle the root causes of Brexit. Public services were dismantled by privatisation, our communities hollowed out by corporations and our wallets emptied by bankers. To all of this Europe was wrongly presented as the cause of these problems by the Leave campaign. These problems are very real, but leaving Europe is not the answer.

Party Co-Leader and Green candidate for London Mayor Sian Berry said: “This is a hugely significant day for the UK, no matter how you voted in the Brexit referendum. Where we go from here will say everything about us.

“No we won’t be part of the EU, but the need to work across countries, to build solutions together to stop runaway climate chaos, to protect workers’ rights and to make sure that we don’t lose precious freedom of movement – that remains unchanged.”

“Over the last 20 years our MEPs have made such a positive and vital difference in the EU and in their communities. The Green Party – from our MP Caroline Lucas to councillors and activists in their local parties – will be working hard to build a society that’s fairer and more just and we know that a huge number of people will be standing right there with us.”

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