August 3, 2021

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Extinction Rebellion stage bank job

Extinction Rebellion have been present in some of the larger cities across the U.K. staging action including blocking roads.

The organisation’s movements in Wales have been relatively low key however they had promised to ramp up the action over the coming months.

Today, Saturday (Jul 6) saw the organisation staging a protest outside Barclays Bank in Carmarthen. Police were called to the incident where protesters had unfurled banners outside the bank and occupied the front of the building with a non violent protest. 

Eco Warrior Swampy was reportedly at the protest

One of the protesters a female used a D-lock to attach herself to the door handle of the bank while another believed to be the eco warrior ‘Swampy’ had glued himself to the steps. Asked how they would remove themselves the pair said that they had not thought about that probably do so at closing time.

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Photos and Video: Peter A Tully.

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