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Family make new statement on 12th anniversary of Aamir Siddiqi’s murder

The family of Aamir Siddiqi has today released a statement and photographs on the 12th anniversary of his murder.

17-year-old Aamir died at his home in Ninian Road, Roath on April 11, 2010, having suffered multiple stab wounds.
South Wales Police continues to work with the National Crime Agency and international law enforcement agencies to trace Mohammed Ali Ege, who is wanted in connection with Aamir’s murder, and return him to the UK.

Although two men have been convicted of his murder, and continue to serve life sentences in prison, South Wales Police remains as committed as ever to tracing and arresting Ege.

In a statement, Aamir’ family said: “Twelve years have passed since our beloved Aamir was cruelly murdered but for us, his family, it seems like it happened yesterday.

“He would have been 30 years old this year. His childhood friends are now adults and some have their own children. For us, time has stood still.

“Aamir was a 17-year-old boy on the cusp of adulthood and his life was cut short in the most vicious of ways.

“He played football with his friends in Roath Park, watched cricket in Sophia Gardens, loved walking in Cardiff Bay, and relished the variety of food in City Road.

“He was due to sit his A-levels and had secured a place to read law at Cardiff University. He was boy from Cardiff and the city simultaneously provokes wonderful memories of him, tempered with the reality that he has gone.

“The pain we feel after his murder cannot be adequately described. He was the kindest, most loving, funny and generous person who left behind family and friends who continue to mourn his loss.
“Compounding our grief is the fact that we are still waiting for justice. As a family we urge anyone who has any information that could help lead us to getting closure in the murder trial to please contact South Wales Police.”

Activity in the lead up to today’s anniversary has included:


• A new £5k Crimestoppers reward for information leading to the arrest of Mohammed Ali Ege

• Two appeals on last month’s BBC’s Crimewatch Live programme

• Community engagement / multi-lingual leaflet drop in the Canton and Riverside areas of Cardiff.

• Continuing work with the National Crime Agency to trace Ege and return him to the UK.

• Updating Aamir’s family who have repeated their ongoing trust and confidence in South Wales Police.

Mohammed Ali Ege, now 44, fled to India before he could be arrested in connection with Aamir’s murder.
In 2013 he was arrested in India but in 2017, while awaiting extradition, he escaped from Indian custody.
From our ongoing investigation to trace him we know that he has travelled.

His current whereabouts remain unknown but if and when Mohammed Ali Ege is arrested anywhere in the world, current arrangements are in place to ensure that South Wales Police would be notified immediately.

Detective Inspector Stuart Wales, of the South Wales Police Major Crime Investigations Team, said: “Aamir was undoubtedly a very promising young man, full of huge amounts of potential.

“Twelve years may have passed but until Mohammed Ali Ege is located and brought back to the UK, this remains a live and priority investigation for South Wales Police.

“There are numerous appeals for information in relation to Mohammed Ali Ege on Interpol, the Major Investigation Public Portal, Crimestoppers, the South Wales Police website and many local, national and international media reports.

“He must be constantly looking over his shoulder and our determination to resolve this matter has never diminished.

“We would ask anyone who has information about his whereabouts to please get in touch – for Aamir’s family who have always acted with such dignity throughout.

“We have recently updated Aamir’s family who we continue to support, and they have repeated their ongoing trust and confidence in South Wales Police.

“They are supported by a family liaison officer and we continue to communicate with them in line with their wishes.”

We urge anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mohammed Ali Ege to get in touch by one of the following means:
Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Go to: https://bit.ly/SWPProvideInfo

Send us a private message on Facebook/Twitter
Via email: SWP101@south-wales.police.uk
Phone: 101 quoting reference 1700150924

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