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A pub’s application for longer licensing hours has been met with staunch opposition amid fears that it could exacerbate anti-social behaviour issues.

The Admiral Napier on Cowbridge Road in Cardiff has applied to change its premises licence.

If approved, the pub will be permitted to sell alcohol from 9am every day of the week. It currently sells alcohol from 10am seven days a week.

Local councillors have voiced their opposition to the plan to vary the premises licence, fearing a rise in anti-social behaviour as a result of earlier sales of alcohol.

Cardiff Council ward member for Riverside, Cllr Caro Wild, objected to the proposal, saying that the location is “currently suffering greatly from ongoing anti-social behaviour and public nuisance.”

He added: “This is distressing for people, especially older people, and children and parents who use the road to get to and from school.

“I believe any extension of licensing hours will just exacerbate the problem, with drinking starting even earlier.”

Fellow ward member, Cllr Leonora Thomson, wrote in her objection: “The anti-social behaviour in the area is fuelled by alcohol, so any addition would be extremely unhelpful.”

The pub owners are not seeking to vary any of the conditions on their existing licence.

Some of these conditions, which are in place to ensure responsible drinking and reduce the risk of anti-social behaviour, include:

Ensuring that staff do not carry out, arrange or participate in any irresponsible promotions in relation to the premises – this includes drinking games and offering free or discounted alcohol as a “prize”
Ensuring that free water is provided on request to customers
Maintaining a CCTV system in all public areas of the premises, except toilets
Conducting hourly checks of outdoor drinking areas
Ensuring that any customers drinking or smoking outside should do so in an “orderly manner”
Having announcements and signs on site calling for customers to leave quietly
Cardiff Council’s licensing sub-committee will make a decision on the application on Wednesday September 14.


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