September 27, 2021

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Findings of investigation into Powys council development to be published in autumn

THE findings of a probe into why a flagship Powys County Council (PCC) project, Y Gaer in Brecon was delivered late and £5 million over budget, will be known soon.

In June 2020 it was revealed that Powys County Council’s internal auditors, SWAP would look into the issues surrounding the project.

But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the council focussed on business-critical services, and work on the investigation has been delayed.

At  meeting of Governance and Audit committee, on Friday, July 30, chairman,  Cllr John Morris told members to “watch this space” for when a date to discuss the report will be announced.

It had originally been pencilled in to be discussed at Friday’s meeting.

Cllr John Morris said: “We’re still waiting for Y Gaer and I’m trying to arrange a special meeting.”

According to SWAP the report is currently “in development” and being looked at by the council’s Housing and Commun