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Fire and Rescue Service urges public to stay away from bodies of water during lockdown

IN the light of the current warm and sunny weather, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is urging the public not to venture into bodies of water.

Group Manager Karen Jones, Head of Community Safety for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said “Lockdown boredom and glorious weather may encourage some people to go swimming or diving into lakes and rivers; it is of the utmost importance that they do not.

During this current lockdown situation, there are only a very few locations of water that are lifeguarded in Wales. Added to this is the significant increase in demand on the Emergency Services at this period in time.

The danger to an individual who dives or even ventures into a body of water is significant.

If you are near a body of water, do not jump into the water from a height, otherwise known as ‘tombstoning’. The depth of the water changes and will be particularly low during periods of warm and dry weather. The depth of water can be difficult to judge and may contain hidden rubbish and debris which can cause injuries and drowning.

Cold water shock is another danger associated with jumping into water. Cold water shock can kill. The temperatures of open water, such as rivers and lakes, can be much colder than anticipated, especially in fast flowing sections. Cold water removes heat from the body 32 times faster than cold air causing cold shock – gasping, cramps, and inhalation of water, heart attack, stroke and rapid drowning.”

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service urges the public to continue to follow the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales’ guidance in relation to hygiene and social distancing.

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