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Fire Service Water Rescue Team rescue two teenage boys from River Tawe

On Tuesday, (Aug 18) at 02:26pm, a Swift Water Rescue Team from Pontardawe attended a water rescue of two teenage boys from the river Tawe in Trebanos.

Fire Service personnel rescued the two males, who were hanging to a branch from the river, using wading gear and throw lines. The boys were later checked over by the Ambulance Service.

The Police were also in attendance.

The Fire Service left the incident at 03:09pm.

Group Manager Karen Jones, Head of Community Safety for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said

“This incident highlights the dangers of playing of playing, paddling or swimming at unsupervised, un-lifeguarded, sites such as lakes, quarries reservoirs and rivers.

The uneven banks of a river pose a high risk of falling into the open water.

Strong currents can rapidly sweep people away, whilst the depth of the water can change and is unpredictable. Submerged objects may not be visible and can cause injury or trap you in the water.

You could also suffer from Cold Water Shock and this can be fatal. It removes heat from the body 32 times faster than cold air causing cold shock – gasping, cramps, and inhalation of water, heart attack, stroke and rapid drowning.”

There is also a lack of safety equipment at these sites, which increases the difficulty of a water rescue.

Please respect the water.”

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