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First Minister ‘putting needs of Union before Welsh people’ claims Plaid Cymru’s Luke Fletcher MS

Plaid Cymru have issued a response to Mark Drakeford’s comments about the cost-of-living crisis, powers of tax and welfare systems and prioritising the needs of the Union

Responding to comments made by Mark Drakeford on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, regarding the devolution of the tax and welfare systems, Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for the economy, Luke Fletcher MS said,

“If the First Minister was less concerned over protecting the sanctity of the Union and more concerned with addressing the root causes of inequality, he’d see that it’s precisely the lack of power over the tax and welfare systems that means we in Wales can do little more than treat the symptoms of poverty.

“The cost of living crisis will soon overtake Covid as the biggest threat to our people in 2022. All the while powers needed to safeguard the people of Wales from this looming crisis sit with the UK Government, Wales will be powerless to help our most vulnerable unless we do what the First Minister seems so reluctant to do – get that power over our taxes and our welfare system.

“In putting the needs of the Union first, this puts the needs of Wales, and our people, into second place.”


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