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First Minister warns of ‘catastrophic’ no deal Brexit

MARK Drakeford AM, Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister has warned of what he says would be a ‘catastrophic’ no deal Brexit with the change of leader within the Conservative Party.

In a statement issued today, Monday (May 27) Mark Drakeford said:

“I warmly congratulate Jackie Jones on her election as a Member of the European Parliament. Jackie, along with Matthew, Mary and Mark served our party as candidates in what has been the most challenging of circumstances.

“Ever since the referendum in 2016, the Welsh Government has respected the result by arguing for a form of Brexit which would protect Welsh jobs and our economy.

“Labour colleagues in Westminster have done the same, most recently in negotiations with the UK Government.

“The election of a new Conservative leader changes all of that. It eliminates the chances of any agreed form of Brexit, and it hugely increases the very real danger of a catastrophic no-deal exit from the EU.

“We cannot and will not stand by while that takes place.

“Faced with the damage of a hard-line, Tory Brexit, Welsh Labour believes that the final decision must be made by the public in a referendum.

“And, for the avoidance of any doubt, a Welsh Labour Government would campaign, in such a vote, for Wales to remain in the EU.

“We will work with any others who seek the same outcome.”

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