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Fledgling jackdaw had lucky escape after getting leg stuck in guttering 

A fledgling jackdaw had a lucky escape, after getting his leg stuck in guttering on the roof of an Ebbw Vale home.

The RSPCA and the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service teamed-up to come to the aid of the young, troubled bird – who was stuck on a Tir-Y-Berth property on Sunday (14 June).

Officers from the RSPCA enlisted the help of firefighters from Blue Watch out of Ebbw Vale, who were able to access the jackdaw with ladders, safely remove him from the gutter and confine the bird to a box.

Unfortunately, the jackdaw was also found to have fishing wire tangled around his leg – a reminder as to the “quantity of hazards” wildlife face when it comes to litter.

The fishing litter was removed, and after a thorough check over the bird was returned to the wild – to a “cacophony of noise” from some 20 other attendant jackdaws!

RSPCA Cymru has thanked the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, and issued a further reminder about the dangers fishing litter can pose to Wales’ wildlife.

Simon Evans, RSPCA inspector, said: “This poor jackdaw was horribly stuck on this Ebbw Vale roof – with his leg trapped by guttering.

“He also had fishing litter around his leg – which was making things worse. Fishing litter causes injury to countless wild animals every year – which is why it is so important it is disposed of correctly.

“We’re so grateful to the firefighters from Blue Watch out of Ebbw Vale, who we were able to call upon in this animal’s hour of need. They were able to safely reach and confine the bird, before I checked him over. With this bird stuck in guttering, and already severely hampered by fishing litter, this was a reminder about the quantity of hazards that birds and other wild animals face.

“Thankfully, the jackdaw fledgling could be returned to the wild – an event met by a cacophony of noise from 20 or so other jackdaws.”

RSPCA Cymru strongly urges those who enjoy fishing to be extra cautious to make sure nothing is left behind. Most anglers are very responsible when disposing of their litter, but it only takes one careless person to endanger the life of an animal. The charity asks all those who enjoy fishing to follow the Angling Trust’s Take 5 campaign and make use of the recycling scheme to dispose of their waste tackle and line.

The RSPCA remain on the frontline responding to emergencies during the coronavirus crisis. Should you wish to help the RSPCA continue rescuing animals, you can support the charity’s Covid-19 urgent fundraising appeal.

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