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 THE lazy leafy lanes of The Links, Pembrey, resembled a calamitous film set twinning of Only Fools and Horses and the Last  of the Summer Wine this week.

One ambitious resident decided to hire a crane to move a mobile home into his garden and all seemed to be going well until equilibrium was unbalanced and down crashed the caravan and so too the crane on top of it.

The lane was blocked affecting access for 24 residents for more than half-a-day. Miraculously no-one was hurt. But unfortunately there was considerable damage to the unadopted road which has been the hot potato subject of a campaign and much debate by residents to get properly surfaced and adopted by the council.

The embarrassed resident responsible for the Fred Karno Circus style incident was quickly alerting fellow residents to the dilemma via social media and warning them they might have to park up on the golf course with no access to their homes until the wreckage was cleared.

Normality was restored overnight but on Monday (Apr 15) the damaged lane area will be closed again for repairs to the damaged surface with residents again having to park up on the Ashburnham Golf Course approach to their homes because the lanes are so congested and narrow.

One resident who asked not to be named said: “We’re just relieved no-one was hurt.

“Everyone has been having a quiet guffaw at the hapless resident’s misfortune.

“The jokes have started winging about.

One is: ‘If you hear a golfer shout “four!” Duck, it might be a flying caravan.

“Quite honestly with all the odd goings on and silly occurrences we could have a sitcom all off our own down here.

“Someone has suggested it could be entitled “Missing Links.”

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