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HUNDREDS of empty cider cans have been tossed behind railings at a bus stop in Swansea, with a few placed neatly on a wall nearby.

Strongbow is the drink of choice for the litter lout or louts in question although Omega white cider sometimes gets a look-in, judging by the pile of cans on Townhill Road, Townhill.

One resident living a few streets away said he reckoned the mess had gathered there over a period of weeks or even months and wondered if it had been reported.

“I’ve seen refuse collectors on that street, and the (dog) poo bins have been emptied,” he said.

The vast majority of the cans are adjacent to the pavement near the junction of Townhill Road and Pantycelyn Road.

Others have been crushed and placed on a low brick wall a little further down.

Swansea Council hit out at those responsible and asked anyone who saw people throw litter away or fly-tip to get in touch.

“Littering and fly-tipping is totally unnecessary and illegal,” said a spokesman.

Townhill councillor Cyril Anderson said he was unaware of the piles of cans but vowed to get them cleared up.

“It’s mindless,” he said. “The majority of people are good as gold. They recycle everything.”

He added that many of the council’s environment staff had been redeployed to key Covid roles.

“Our environment department is under the cosh at the moment,” said Cllr Anderson.

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