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Former solicitor’s office in Brynmawr to be reutilised as three-bedroom home

PLANS to change the use of a former solicitor’s office in Brynmawr into a three-bedroom home have been approved and welcomed by councillors.

At a meeting of Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council’s planning committee on Thursday, January 6, councillors discussed a proposal to change the use of 74 King Street, Brynmawr, from an office with upstairs flat into one residential home covering all of the property.

The plans had been submitted by Karen Akinci.

Blaenau Gwent planning officer Sophie Godfrey explained that that the recommendation for approval was a “contrary” to policy.

The building is officially situated in the Brynmawr Town Centre and the planning policy for this area is that change of use of ground floor units to a residential home should not be permitted.

However, Ms Godfrey justified the recommendation to approve the pans by pointing out the site is on periphery of the town centre and King Street is recognised as a predominantly residential street.

Ms Godfrey said: “The recently published retail and leisure study (August 2021) to form the evidence base for the replacement LDP (Local Development Plan) actually recommends that the Brynmawr town centre boundary is amended.

“This would move the property from inside the town centre boundary, if this happened the policy would not be applicable to the application.”

Cllr John Hill: “This is a welcome change to that property. It’s been an iconic building in a way, it’s been a solicitor’s office for a long time, it will blend in with the setting.”

He asked for confirmation of whether Calebs Cottage, which is behind 74 Kings Street, is also owned by the applicant and wondered if that would be where future tenants would park their vehicles as there is a “big open space there.”

Sophie Godfrey confirmed both buildings had the same owner and said that there was no “existing” parking at the site (74 Kings Street), and none proposed in the application.

Cllr Wayne Hodgins added: “It’s been a redundant building for a number of years and because it’s on one of the main arteries of the town, it’s certainly well overdue for improvements and I welcome the decision.”

The application was approved unanimously by the committee.


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