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SWANSEA Council is supporting Foster Care Fortnight 2019, an annual two week campaign (13 – 26 May) to raise awareness and recruit foster carers for the displaced children and young people.

Set up at a busy intersection in the Quadrant Shopping Centre, volunteers Claudia and Chantel greeted interested stoppers with leaflets on Monday (May 20).

Foster Swansea works hard to find safe and productive homes for young people to enable them to reach their full potential. However, there is a disparity in numbers between children in the system and available placement.

The children vary widely in age, and arrangements for both short- and long-term placement can be made.

Foster Swansea also promotes and tries to support keeping families together by doing parent and child placements for at risk families.

“Carers have also varied, with some being in their early twenties. There is no experience required, just a desire to make a change and a spare room.” Those interested will receive training and workshops to hone any skills you may need.

For further information, visit http://www.fosterswansea.org/
www.fosterswansea.org or call 0300 555 0111, or 01792 533212.

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