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Gareth Bale buses in to Mynyddygarreg for new film about Ray Gravell

A new film celebrating the life of Welsh rugby legend Ray Gravell is in the making.

Producer Branwen Cennard said that the film is a tribute to Ray who would have been 70 on September 12th.

S4C have commissioned the film, which is based on the theatre production ‘Grav’.

Three actors play Grav at different stages of his life. Starring in the film is Gareth Bale (not the footballer)  who plays the older Ray Gravell, and Ieuan Evans (not the rugby player) who plays Ray as a young man along with Ioan Evans who plays Ray as a boy.  The film crew arrives at Horeb Chapel today to film a sequence where the young Ray Gravel is picked up on a bus to take him to a local rugby match.

Producer Branwen Cennard

The producer said that she had seen the show and thought it would make a great film. Filming commenced at Mynyddygarreg today, a stone’s throw away from Ray’s home.

Some locals gathered to watch the filming and to get a view of the 1970’s bus which will feature in the film including 6-year-old Osian whose grandfather lives nearby.

Osian in the driver’s seat

You can watch the interview with Branwen Cennard here.

Gareth Bale who plays Grav in the theatre production and the new film said that it was an honour and privilege to play the role of Ray Gravell.

Film role as Grav for actor Gareth Bale

The theatre production has gone to Edinburgh, Washington and New York.

Gareth Bale said: “We get this image of him (Ray) being larger than life but I believe he led a quieter private life.”

You can watch the interview with Gareth Bale here.


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