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MEMBER of the Senedd for Gower, Rebecca Evans MS, is once again backing Safer Internet Day, which will take place on 9th February 2019 with the theme ‘Together for a better internet’.

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology by children and young people. This year the focus is on creating an internet that can be trusted.

Rebecca Evans MS has a long track record of campaigning on internet safety and has championed the issue in the Senedd.

Rebecca Evans MS said: “The internet is a wonderful, valuable resource. It can be an enriching learning environment, helping develop knowledge, skills, ideas and global citizenship, as well as being a forum for socialising and entertainment.

“But there is also a darker side and this why we need this day each year. It reminds us of the importance of speaking with children about internet use, and what they are accessing. Safer Internet Day assists in empowering children and their parents to know how to keep themselves safe online, increases awareness of when and where to report inappropriate content, and highlights where to go to for help.

“The theme this year is timely as there has been a stark increase in the inaccurate information seen across the internet in response to the current pandemic. It is vital that the internet is monitored to ensure, true, reliable and clear information is provided.”

In the Senedd, Rebecca Evans has highlighted the challenges and dangers posed to children and young people online by cyberbullying, online grooming, easy access to explicit adult material which may be extreme or violent, and the pressures of modern trends such as sexting.

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