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Gower MS welcomes new funding for Llanmorlais Community Hall

REBECCA Evans MS, Member of the Senedd for Gower, has welcomed the announcement that funding is being provided for improvements to Llanmorlais Community Hall through the Welsh Government’s Community Facilities Programme.

Rebecca Evans MS said: “I am thrilled that Llanmorlais Community Centre is one of the facilities that will benefit from this funding. They will receive £15,500 towards the replacement of the of the roof, and to help with the installation of a new PA system. This will enable the Community Hall to continue providing a vital service to the people of Llanmorlais.”

Across Wales the Welsh Government’s Community Facilities Programme support many local projects, enabling them to grow and meet the needs of the specific area.

Mrs Evans added: “Despite the unprecedented challenges we have faced during the pandemic, community spirit and the resilience of Welsh people has shone through. This funding will continue to help bring communities together through support for local projects.”

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