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Green Party Announces 500 Parliamentary Candidates across the United Kingdom

THE Green Party is running 47 more candidates in the December General Election than in the election of 2017.

The Greens will be launching their manifesto on Tuesday next week to campaign for climate justice and a fair society for all

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley: “Every single vote in this election sends a strong and clear message: Yes to Europe and No to climate chaos”

The Green Party has announced that it is standing over 500 parliamentary candidates in the December General Election.

This is up from 453 parliamentary candidates in the 2017 General Election.

The Green Party is aiming to hold the seat in Brighton Pavillion and capture new seats elsewhere in the country.

The Party announces that it will be launching its manifesto on Tuesday 19th November, pledging to tackle the Climate Emergency and seek to eliminate poverty within a decade.

Jonathan Bartley, Co-Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales said: “The Green Party has had a whirlwind year, more than doubling our number of local councillors and electing seven Greens as Members of the European Parliament. We are running the Green Party’s most ambitious campaign ever and our Green ideas are setting the agenda.

“It was a Green Party Councillor who got the first climate emergency motion on Bristol City Council, which led a movement of hundreds of local authorities who followed suit. This culminated in the House of Commons declaring a Climate Emergency this spring.

“Where Greens lead, others follow. That’s why we are so excited that in 500 constituencies, people will be able to cast their vote for a Green Party Candidate. We need more Green MPs in Parliament to put pressure on the Government and campaign for their constituents. Every single vote in this election sends a strong and clear message: Yes to Europe and No to climate chaos.”

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