June 25, 2021

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Ground breaking initiative ‘The Trinity Protocol’ to be rolled out across Wales

THE Trinity Protocol is now being circulated across Wales by the Welsh National Autism Team.

The Scheme launched at the beginning of 2021 after Trinity Fields School worked closely with Gwent Police to aid emergency services with locating missing children and adults with additional needs or dealing with emergencies involving people with additional needs.

It was designed to allow loved ones and caregivers the opportunity to register an individual with Gwent Police with the goal of letting officers know before they respond to a call that they might be dealing with someone with additional learning needs.

In the event that a person with additional needs requires the police in an emergency and dials 999, officers will be able to access information about the individual which may assist in communicating with them and therefore be more efficient in dealing with the emergency.

If a person with additional learning needs is missing and has completed a Trinity Protocol form, officers can use the information to locate them and take them to a place of safety. Alternatively, if the person is involved in a crime or is a victim of a crime, officers will have access to their information to ensure that they know as much as possible about them and adapt their communication and approach appropriately. For example, it may be the person might not be able to speak or respond to commands or might react violently to lights or sirens.

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The purpose of the Trinity Protocol is to provide key information accessible to emergency services and families in times of crisis. With knowledge of additional needs becoming so important in an inclusive society, it is important that we are able to support everyone with the respect that they deserve within a community.

Ian Elliott MBE, Head Teacher of Trinity Fields School commented:

“I am immensely proud and grateful to Gary and Sian who have worked closely with Gwent Police to develop this highly innovative approach which will help those with learning difficulties to be kept safe. Pupils are also very proud that this exciting initiative has been developed with them in their school!”

Emma Wicks, parent of a pupil who attends the school added:

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“My son’s safety is paramount and the development and introduction of the Trinity Protocol has been an assurance to me and my family that if personal information about him is needed by any of the emergency services urgently, it is available to them.

“Trinity Fields School is a positive and forward-thinking school which introduces new innovations to benefit their pupil/students.”

Cllr Ross Whiting, Cabinet Member for Learning and Achievement said:

“It’s great that this collaboration between Trinity Fields School and Gwent Police has resulted in a fantastic initiative that is now being circulated across the whole of Wales. This initiative could make all the difference to children and adults with additional learning needs, should they ever find themselves in a position where they need to dial 999.

“The Trinity Protocol will help officers identify the individual’s personal circumstances and allow them to adapt accordingly to ensure the safety of the child or adult and others.”

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