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Gwynedd council opposes Prince of Wales title and keeping any forthcoming Investiture “off Welsh soil”

GWYNEDD council has accepted motions to oppose the Prince of Wales title and to keep any forthcoming investiture of Prince William firmly “off Welsh soil.”

Prince William inherited the title of Prince of Wales, and his wife the Princess of Wales, after the Queen died and Prince Charles becomes King.

Prince Charles’s investiture was held at Caernarfon Castle in 1969.

Gwynedd council strongly showed its anti-monarchy stance during a lively meeting of its Cabinet today, Thursday, September 6. The motion was carried 46 in favor, four abstentions and four against.

The Blaenau Ffestiniog Councillor for Bowydd a Rhiw called for the  Prince of Wales title to be abolished after calling the monarchy an “archaic oppressive tradition”.

A notice of motion was called by Councillor Elfed Wyn ab Elwyn under Section 4.20 of the Constitution.

He  proposed that the “Council express its opposition to the continuation of the title of ‘Prince of Wales’ and asks the relevant authorities to consult formally with the people of Wales on the question of whether the title should be abolished or not.”

In a second motion it was proposed “That the Council opposes any investiture being held in Gwynedd or anywhere on Welsh soil.”

“The days of Wales titled as “a little principality” was abolished in the sixteenth century’s Laws in Wales Act,” he said.

“This archaic oppressive tradition is a blight on our nation and has been for centuries.

“It gives the impression that the people of Wales are owned by the system, rather than being free citizens living in our own country. It is high time the so called honorary title, Prince of Wales, was also abolished to the history books.”

He urged councillors to support the motion and for a public discussion over the issue. He added: “Any decisions of this nature need to be made in Wales, by the people of Wales following a public debate.”

Many councillors leapt to their feet in support.

Cllr Helen Hywel  said: “I teach my children we are all equal, so I am proud to support  this.”
Cllr Richard Glyn Roberts said:  “Monarchy is at the core of not being equal, I support this motion.”
Cllr Rhys Tudor said: “I echo what has been said already here, a principality and a structure of inequality is not in line with my values.
  Many nations haver ejected that notion, it is an ancient tradition.”
Cllr Dyfrig Siencyn said: “I can clearly remember 1969 and I was against the investiture. I was banned from school for occupying a room, but I am incredibly proud I did that. The monarchy is not important in our aims. I cannot support a monarch.”
Cllr Gareth Jones said: “I was 14 and lived in Penrhosgarnedd when the investiture happened. I went on a farm in Anglesey without a radio or TV so we could escape the circus going on. I said then, this must be the final investiture in our lifetime, but here we are and the nightmare is on us again.
“I am in support, I am a nationalist and agree Gwynedd Council should support the removal of the title of Prince of Wales. I am not a supporter of the monarchy but I do respect views of others, so let’s ask people with a consultation, let’s ask the people of Wales.”
Cllr Jina Gwyrfai said: “I think we must convey a clear message that the people of Wales have a choice.

“It is nothing short of a dictatorship. We are on our way to independence.”

Craig ab Iago said:
” I agree with what Gwynfor is saying, as you know I was a Welsh learner and one of the lessons looked at the title Prince of Wales- it is about leading – if we had a blank page as to what type of person we want to lead us, would it be a  billionaire from England, who doesn’t know anything about our language, or living or health services, education,  or transport we use? One who does not support our football and rugby teams?
“In my opinion and everybody else’s the title as it stands has been created just to humiliate Wales and remember who our masters are, that we are not independent and we are not going to be while we support the Prince of Wales, and it will always be the case. If you want independence, you can’t support the title as it currently is, hopefully in an independent Wales we will be able to decide. I support this 100 percent.”
Cllr Dafydd Meurig said ” Thank you very much Elfyd for this, I am supportive of both clauses. I have never used the title  Prince of Wales, but always Prince Charles. It will be a question for the people of Wales to be independent,  and if we want to come under the royalty of England.   I am very supportive of the motion.”
Cllr Elin Walker Jones said “Yes, I wasn’t going to speak on this, but with all the excellent speeches, I am so pleased to be a part of the Council and it is an honour to support the motion by Elfed Wyn.
“It is a symbol of something quite undemocratic, and against our core principals a s a council, the title of Prince of Wales has been imposed on us
so I support this motion.”

One councillor Gwynfor Owen said:“I am unable to vote in favour, I will be abstaining.”

He added:

“Many people are in favour of independence, but are also in favour of the royal family. I am not going to vote I can’t see any point for the motion at this time. We should try to achieve independence and worry about this after that.”


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