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Gwynoro looks ahead to the General Election

GENERAL Elections tend to have been held every four years but the last three would have all fallen within that timescale. It may just be a signifier of the turmoil in British politics and it isn’t over yet.

We go to the polls on December 12th. There can be no doubt that the key issue, which may decide which party or pact of parties form the new government will be Brexit.

To remain or leave the EU is something, which was decided in a referendum on June 23rd 2016.

Whatever your view is you will be still in a state of limbo following years of wrangling, argument and debate. For those who voted leave their opportunity to express their disdain for their MP or favoured party who did not honour the referendum vote is just over a month away.

Equally those who voted to remain now have an opportunity to opt for the MP or party who stand on that ticket. It really has turned politics into a lottery where even though you believe you have the winning ticket someone declares it is not valid and we are going to have to do re-draw. An argument has been put forward that the people were ill informed and did not fully understand the repercussions and implications of the UK leaving the EU. One could not put forward the same argument today, having had three years of Brexit information swamping our lives.

Former MP Gwynoro Jones

One man who has followed the comings and goings of politics and Brexit is former MP for Carmarthen, Gwynoro Jones. We caught up with him to get his inimitable opinion on the forthcoming General Election and some other recent happenings on the political scene.  You can listen to our Podcast here.

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