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Heavy rain causes flash flooding across Wales

HEAVY and widespread rain over the last 24 hours is causing flooding in parts of Wales.

Natural Resources Wales currently has 12 flood warnings and 38 flood alerts in place across Wales. South Wales police have also advised motorists to be aware of the really poor driving conditions in some parts of South Wales.

The river at Llanerch, courtesy of David Hurford

One area severely hit by flooding is Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary near Kidwelly, Llanelli.

Pic: Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary

The owner of the Sanctuary, Fionna Ashman spoke of her despair and concern for the animals in her care. She said: “this morning I went to let some of the rescue dogs outside and the water started lapping inside my front door”. She added: “I am worried to let them out in case sewerage is mixed in with the floodwater. I don’t want the dogs getting ill”. Unfortunately, her options are limited, as videos from the Sanctuary show, the area is completely surrounded in floodwater.  

Pic: Ben Williams

Members of the public are being asked for donations of concrete and breeze blocks to try and help some of the badly affected areas around the Sanctuary. The road in and out of the Sanctuary and also to a local animal feed suppliers, Berry Feeds, is currently impassable. 

Photo: Ben Williams

Pic. Ben Williams

The videos below show the extent of the flooding around the Sanctuary and road access in and out.

Photos: Ben Williams,  Delyth Jenkins & Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary

Photos &v Video: Peter A Tully

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