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Heini fit to launch the 2019 Dewin and Doti festival

ON Saturday, (Jun 1) at 2.00pm Mudiad Meithrin will welcome the popular Welsh-language children’s television character Heini to its stand at the Urdd Eisteddfod to launch a brand-new show for the young children of Wales as part of the annual Dewin and Doti Festival Tour, which is part of celebrations marking the 10th birthday of Dewin and Doti – Mudiad Meithrin’s likeable characters.

The ‘Dathlu gyda Dewin a Doti’ (Celebrating with Dewin and Doti) show will be performed in venues all over Wales during June as part of Mudiad Meithrin’s Dewin and Doti Festival.

Heini, played by Karen Elli, is a well-established popular character amongst younger viewers who watch her programme that encourages young children and their parents to keep fit on S4C’s Cyw channel. She will entertain about 8,000 children and parents in more than a dozen different locations across Wales between 10-29 June.

Heini will sing familiar songs that are the favourites of children who attend Cylchoedd Meithrin. The show also includes Mudiad Meithrin’s own anthem ‘Un Teulu Mawr’ (One Big Family) in the company of Dewin and Doti – Mudiad Meithrin’s unique characters who are friends to all children in Wales, helping and encouraging them to speak Welsh.

The show is appropriate for children who attend Cymraeg for Kids groups, Cylchoedd Ti a Fi (baby and toddler groups), Cylchoedd Meithrin (Welsh-medium playgroups), and Mudiad Meithrin’s Day Nurseries. The tour is organised by Mudiad Meithrin with the support of S4C.

A CD of all the songs has been sent out to all of Mudiad Meithrin’s provisions – so they will be familiar with all the songs before attending the shows in their areas.

Events celebrating Dewin and Doti’s special birthdays started in April with Parti Piws Mwyaf y Byd (The World’s Biggest Purple Party) when 12,856 people took part by wearing any purple item of clothing on that day.

Other events held during the summer include the Dewin and Doti’s birthday-themed Meithrin Pageant, performed by children attending Cylchoedd Meithrin in the Cardiff and Vale area on the main stage of the Urdd National Eisteddfod held at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 1 June, and the ‘Celebration’ themed Meithrin Pageant to be performed on the main pavilion stage at the Llanrwst National Eisteddfod on Wednesday 7 August.

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