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Helping older people to stay in and work out

THE Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) is encouraging people of all ages to stay active and enjoy regular exercise, especially those who are older and maybe unable to leave their home – #StayInWorkOut

Expert physiotherapists from the CSP have designed a set of easy exercises for older people to follow from the comfort of their own home; and physiotherapists in Wales are utilising them to encourage their patients and any older people to maintain their strength and improve their balance.

Spokesperson for the CSP, Maria Lewis, a Cardiff-based Chartered Physiotherapist and co-founder of Reach Your Peak Physiotherapy, said: “Maintaining strength is important for everyone, especially older people. So, we really need to be encouraging people to carry out simple exercises like these regularly. They will not only prevent deconditioning but will improve balance and will support individual’s overall health and wellbeing, improving moods and also sleeping patterns.”

For further information about keeping active and self-managing existing conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to watch the animation of the exercises, visit www.csp.org.uk/easyexercises

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