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Historic ‘at-risk’ church in Wrexham could be turned in kitchen and interior furnishings showroom

A HISTORIC village church in Wrexham which is on the “at-risk” register could soon be transformed into a showroom for kitchens and interior furnishings.

The former Presbyterian church in Holt was included on Wrexham Council’s list of properties which are at risk from neglect or decay after closing its doors to worshippers.

Plans have now been submitted which could see the Grade-II listed building on Castle Street, which first opened in 1865, converted into a salesroom.

One of the main changes proposed would see the church’s timber pews removed and turned into shelving.

However, there are no external changes outlined for the Gothic-style building, which was designed by architect Thomas Meak Lockwood.

A design and access statement accompanying the application to the local authority states: “The current owners have an existing kitchen showroom and sales business which they plan to re-locate to the church.

“Little alteration of the building will be required and the open character of the space and most of the existing fixtures will remain intact including the pulpit which will be retained and undisturbed.

“It is planned to use the current school room as a kitchen showroom, together with an interior furnishings and accessories sales showroom within the main church hall.

“Other than decoration, the fabric of the school room will not require any further alteration to be re-purposed as a kitchen showroom.

“To create a usable showroom space in the main church hall will require the removal of the bench pews and levelling of the existing floor.

“These proposals will have minimal impact on the main features of the church and will bring the building back into practical use and provide financial income for its continued maintenance and repair, which should be considered to be a benefit.”

It is proposed that approximately three quarters of the pews will be turned into shelves, while a small number will also be kept for seating.

The showroom would be open six days a week, except for Sunday, with parking for customers provided on an existing gravelled area at the back of the church.

The plans will be considered by the council at a later date.

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