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PLANS for holiday accommodation at Trelystan near Welshpool have been given the green light by councillors.

A planning application by Cambrian Birds to build three holiday lodges including associated works at Rhos Farm on the southern tip of the Long Mountain, was discussed by councillors at a meeting of Powys County Council’s planning committee on Thursday, May 20.

Last December, the company who run a game shooting business, had a similar application to build four holiday chalets and all associated works, rejected by planning officers.

On the new application planning officer, Rhys Evans recommended approval, but it faced opposition from residents of the area.

Powys county councillor for Trewern, Amanda Jenner, had called in the application in front of the committee and she spoke at the meeting against the proposal.

Cllr Jenner said: “There is a considerable number of residents who feel strongly about this, they have submitted objections.

“These residents did not object to other recent applications in the area such as a large agricultural development nearby.

“To me, this indicates that they are not opposed to developments in general, rather that it is this particular proposal that is concerning to them.”

“I understand that this proposal has been tweaked a number of times, in my view it’s still problematic.”

Cllr Jenner explained that the development would be “imposing” and “materially alter the nature of the landscape.”

She believed it would be a “blight” on the area.

Agent Wyn Jones of McCartney planning and surveying said: “The site is located in a corner of a field and is well screened by mature trees and hedgerows and the applicants property.

“It’s ideally located for this small holiday proposal.”

He believed that neighbours could not see the site due to the trees.

Quoting the planning report, Mr Jones, said: “The proposed development is not considered to offer any adverse impacts to any properties in terms of loss of privacy.

“It is not a blight on the views.”

Mr Jones explained that problems with the previous application had been addressed and resulted in a smaller development proposal.

He added that the work to the roads, junction and a news passing bay would be seen as a “planning gain.”

Cllr Les George said: “We have had many similar applications put in front of us over the last two to three years.

“The development of these type of facilities have been a godsend to families during lockdown and are an important part of diversification for country folk.”

He proposed approving the application.

Cllr Linda Corfield said: “We didn’t see the previous application, which was refused, but reading the report it does sound that this is a much better thought-out development.

“I know the roads in this area reasonably well, they are very quiet, this is a good diversification which will help the tourism trade in this area.”

Cllr Corfield seconded the motion which was approved unanimously by the committee.

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