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Home owner to be prosecuted after failure to comply with National Park enforcement action

A PROSECUTION will be launched against a home owner in Little Haven who has failed to comply with National Park enforcement action.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park officers served an enforcement notice in March due the unauthorised erection of two pole mounted CCTV cameras and a 2.7metre high metal fence at Overhaven House, Blockett Lane.

Members of the park’s development management committee heard on Wednesday, June 22 that this enforcement notice had not been complied with nor appealed within the relevant timescales and permission was sought to start prosecution proceedings.

Director of planning and park direction Nicola Gandy told members that the land owner had said that he missed the deadline because he had covid but the notice had been handed to him directly by an officer and no illness had been mentioned and “during that time period further work was carried out on site.”

A planning agent has been appointed, she added, and discussion would be held however, the non-compliance procedure will still be started, following committee approval.


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