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A “CONTENTIOUS” plan for two houses in Hook was deferred for a site visit by planning committee after the local member called for it to be discussed.

The outline application was made by Pembrokeshire County Council for two, four bedroom ‘executive’ houses on land to the rear of Greenway Close with a plan to sell off the land to be developed, a planning report states.

A representative of Hook Community Council, Dave Petrie, said members were pleased the “contentious” plan had be given greater scrutiny at committee on Tuesday (Jun 18).

There were concerns about the “effect on the amenity of neighbours” with a loss of light and privacy at the 12 houses that he said would be overlooked.

Local county councillor Michael John also objected to the plan and told the committee that there were a number of planning policies he felt were not met.

The committee heard that there was a “desperate” need for affordable homes not executive houses, with Cllr John adding there was “adequate housing of that nature” as well as potential for more with a dormant application for 30 houses.

“It’s not compatible with the neighbouring properties. It’s misleading to suggest it won’t result in a loss of privacy and light,” said Cllr John.

Both he and Mr Petrie said that a plan for affordable dwellings, maybe bungalows, would be more acceptable.

Access and road issues were raised as well as the impact on the neighbouring Hook Woods, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, from water run off.

A site visit was suggested by Cllr Mark Carter and the committee agreed this would happen before any decision was made.

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