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A mature horse chestnut tree in Haverfordwest that residents feared was to be chopped down has been saved.

Goat Street residents had called on Pembrokeshire County Council to consider all options before chopping down a large tree which was causing issues with a listed boundary wall of historic Foley House.
The council used Roger Casey, Structural Engineers and Tree Consultants Wales, to get an independent report on the wall and condition of the tree and a decision has been made to keep the tree.
The formal report has not yet been provided but a meeting on site with the consultants and council officer it has been agreed not to cut down the tree and make localised repairs to the stone wall.
More than 250 people signed a petition to save the tree, described as “the only street tree we have.”

County councillor for the area, Tom Tudor, said he was pleased that that all measures had been explored in order to preserve the tree which remains an important feature of Goat Street.
“This is good news for the future longevity of the tree and I shall be keeping a vigilant and close eye on this situation during the remainder of my term of office,” he added.

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