Dear Editor, During their meeting today, the Senedd petitions committee put forward the petition: “Save A&E. Withybush General Hospital must retain 24 hour, 7 days a week, Consultant Led urgent care”, for debate in the Senedd.

On behalf of the people of Pembrokeshire, and to protect the people of Pembrokeshire, Save Withybush Campaign now urges all Members of the Senedd to speak out at the upcoming Senedd debate, in support of retaining A&E and returning services to Withybush.

The campaigners have said: “Those in the Senedd concerned for climate change might note the huge increase in journey mileage created by our services being out of county, which would only get worse if A&E is also removed.

Those concerned with our healthcare, as we assume they all are, need to speak out about healthcare for ALL, including those without personal transport, plus those whose income and circumstances preclude travelling long distances, particularly in the light of fuel price increases, and also affording accommodation to stay close to loved ones in hospital. Petitions committee itself, referred to debate widening to discuss accessible healthcare for ALL.

Please speak out to protect the “Golden Hour, as during this precious time, treatment is essential and potentially life-saving!”

Pembrokeshire expressed many major concerns during the consultation by Hywel Dda in July 2018. Campaigners say: “Those concerns appear to have been dismissed. Now is the time to speak up and fight for the people of Pembrokeshire ”


Pic. ceridwen / Withybush Hospital, main entrance / Wiki Commons

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