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THERE have been 692 new coronavirus cases recorded in the Hywel Dda health board area in the last 48 hours according to today’s figures (Monday. September 6).

Public Health Wales (PHW) data shows there were 417 new cases in Carmarthenshire, 152 in Pembrokeshire and 123 in Ceredigion since the last report.

Data on a Monday is for a 48 hour period and likely to be around double the usual 24 hour figures.

The total number of cases across the three counties is now 23,708 – 14,570 in Carmarthenshire, 6,062 in Pembrokeshire and 3,076 in Ceredigion.

Two new Covid-19 related deaths have been recorded in the Hywel Dda area, with the total now 495 for the duration of the pandemic.

In total 5,161 new cases of coronavirus have been reported across Wales today bringing the national total to 293,806 cases.

There have been 42,221 tests done since the last report.

There were eight new Welsh Covid related death reported with the total across Wales 5,699 deaths.

Across Wales, 2,361,787 have received a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine and 2,191,445 are fully vaccinated.

In Hywel Dda as of September 1, 558,694 first and second doses have been administered, 4,515 in the last seven days.

In Carmarthenshire (population 188,771) 134,486 first doses have been given (71.2 per cent) and 124,083 second doses (65.7 per cent).

In Ceredigion (population 72,695) 53,169 first doses have now been given (73.1 per cent) and 49,555 second doses (68.2 per cent).

In Pembrokeshire (population 125,818) 93,595 first does have been given (73.8 per cent) and 87,247 second doses (69.3 per cent).


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