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Hywel Dda University Health Board vaccine bulletin for 3rd February

HYWEL Dda University Health Board are pleased to report that since the start of the vaccination programme, 52,923 people in the Hywel Dda UHB area have received their first vaccine doses, representing 13.7% of our population.

GP practices have also been busy vaccinating older adult care home residents. Last week, the health board announced that around 85.7% of older adults in eligible care homes have been vaccinated and this figure has further risen this week to 92.1%.

Chief Executive of Hywel Dda UHB Steve Moore said:

“We aim to offer the vaccine to 100% of people in the priority groups and realistically expect to achieve about 75% of the population overall getting vaccinated. The high take-up we are seeing amongst the priority groups – where we can make the greatest difference to protecting the most vulnerable from death or serious harm from COVID-19 – is therefore really encouraging and we are confident we will reach the target of offering vaccination to people in priority groups 1-4 by mid-February.

“We are rolling out this vaccination programme as quickly as we can, with teams working incredibly hard, and using all our strengths as an integrated health system. Our aim is to ensure we reach everyone in the highest priority groups as quickly as possible and as close to home as possible recognising the different types of vaccine at our disposal and likely supply levels. That is why some groups will be vaccinated in their local GPs surgery and others at mass vaccination centres, sometimes concurrently.”

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