September 26, 2021

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Impact of Brexit and Covid on HGV drivers could be included on council corporate risk register

THE impact of Brexit and covid-19 on HGV drivers in and supply Ceredigion is being monitored and may be included on the council’s corporate risk register in future.

Ceredigion County Council’s governance and audit committee discussed the latest risk register at its meeting on Thursday (September 9) with changes to information management and Covid-19 risks noted.

Cllr Rowland Rees-Evans raised the question of a “lack of lorry drivers across the country” and said although services in Ceredigion “seem to be holding up” he was concerned here was a risk of future operational problems.

He asked if there was the “resilience” to deal with the national shortage of drivers exacerbated by those having to self-isolate due to covid-19 and was told it “is something that’s picked up and we are keeping an eye on that.”

Council officer Rob Starr, presenting the risk report, added that he would feedback concerns and consideration to incorporating the risk on the next update would be given.

Cllr Elizabeth Evans, committee chairman, added that in the county it was the refuse collections that were being affected and a “lack of HGV drivers is the greatest pressure.”

The risk could come under Brexit or covid-19 on the register, said Professor Ian Rolfe, adding it would be “reasonable to expect to see things diminish in importance” and be removed as a risk over time.

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