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Inappropriate photo should be removed from councillor’s personal page

Dear Editor,
What message is this photograph sending out?

Cllr Jason Hart is in the public eye in the community. As you can see in this photograph he is not setting a great example. Whether it’s a dummy or not it’s degrading to women .

What thoughts are going through his mind and other people’s minds when they  see these photos?

Facebook screenshot

Women are often attacked and abused in life and this is belittling them.

As a male with a family member who was attacked and suffered mental health issues through it I feel Cllr Jason Hart needs to remove this off social media.

It doesn’t bode well given that he is a steward of a licensed establishment and that he also runs a foodbank from the premises with vulnerable people attending to collect much needed food.

Name and address supplied.

We contacted Llanelli Rural Council and a spokesperson said: “Thank you for your communication. The council has no responsibility for managing the content of  councillors’ personal social media accounts. However, Cllr Hart has been informed of the complaint outlined in your communication and it is understood that the photograph has been subsequently removed.”

We tried to contact Cllr Hart but he was unavailable.



Facebook screenshot




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