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THE Home Office has asked for a licensing review of an Indian restaurant in Johnston following a number of raids uncovered illegal immigrants.

An application for a review, due to be discussed by Pembrokeshire County Council’s licensing sub-committee next week, states that the Home Office believes licensing objectives will not be met at Bombay Brassiere.

At the time of the Home Office application the licence holder of the Vine Road restaurant was listed as Werner Ewald Fuchs, a report to committee states.

“We have reason to believe the licence holder will fail to meet the licensing objectives of prevention of crime and disorder, as illegal working has been identified at the premise,” the Home Office application reads.

Included with the application to the committee on May 30 is reference to three visits to the premises where illegal workers were discovered, with employer Fazlur Rahman present.

The last raid was on April 13 where one man without permission to work was found.

In August 2018, the report adds, a civil penalty of £15,000 was issued after two illegal workers were found and in November 2018, another worker was found.

The civil penalty remains unpaid, according to the Home Office application.

Following the application to review the licence a request was made to transfer the licence and designated premises supervisor, with no objections raised by the Home Office or licensing authority.

“The current premises licence holder is Farjana Khanon Rita of Bombay
Brasserie, Vine Road, Johnston, Haverfordwest and the designated premises supervisor named on the premises licence is Jessica Anne Reynolds,” a committee report states.

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