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Investigation into secret recordings of WNP MS dropped

SOUTH Wales Police have confirmed that the investigation into Member of the Senedd, Neil McEvoy, has been dropped.

The police stated that the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) notified them that they wished to withdraw their complaint and so no further action would be taken.

Mr McEvoy made the recordings on his phone while being investigated and claimed they demonstrated the former Standards Commissioner behaving in a highly politicised, sexist and biased way.

The recordings led to the former Standards Commissioner resigning from his post.

In a related development the police are continuing an investigation into the former Standards Commissioner and Senedd staff over misconduct in public office, based on the recordings.

Mr McEvoy MS said:

“This is the second time in 9 months that the Senedd Commission has reported me to the police and on both occasions the investigations have been dropped; the first time by the police and now by the Commission themselves. I consider this to be nothing more than harassment of an elected politician. There are serious questions for very senior people to answer.

“The new acting Standards Commissioner has conceded that the complaints process in the Senedd is being abused for political purposes. It’s simply not fit for purpose and so we need wholesale reform. The investigations initiated by the former Standards Commissioner should now be dropped and his former investigations should be null and void. Not just for me, but for all MSs.

“There is a political cartel in Cardiff Bay that thinks they can operate with impunity. They think they are above the law. I was elected promising to burst the Bay bubble and clean up Cardiff Bay. That’s exactly what I’m continuing to do.

“After years of wasting my time investigating me, it’s them under police investigation now.”

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