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Jane Dodds Calls for Action on “obscene profits of oil & gas companies” ahead of ‘mini-budget’

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Jane Dodds MS has called for the Prime Minister to tax the “obscene profits of oil & gas companies” rather than make future generations pay for financial assistance this winter.

Commenting ahead of the announcement Jane Dodds said:

“While I am of course glad some help is finally forthcoming, this temporary sticking plaster comes too late for the many small businesses that already closed their doors for the last time because they couldn’t afford soaring bills. The Conservatives have sat on their hands all summer while our treasured small local businesses went to the wall.

“In rural areas like the one I represent, the Conservatives have already insulted residents by offering those reliant on heating oil a measly £100 in support.

“More widely Liz Truss’ phony energy freeze will still leave struggling families and pensioners facing impossible choices this winter as energy bills almost double.

“What is even worst is rather than pay for her scheme by imposing a windfall tax on the obscene profits of global oil and gas giants, the Prime Minister looks set to make our children and grandchildren pay by increasing borrowing.

“What I want to see and what I believe the Welsh people want to see is not massive tax cuts for the big banks and global cooperations like Amazon, who are not struggling and instead real help targeted at families and small businesses paid for by taxing the super profits of energy companies, who right now are making their money off people’s misery.

“I also think it is quite telling that they have blocked OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility) scrutiny of their plans. If you cannot be transparent about your plans for the economy, you shouldn’t be trusted to run it.”

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