August 5, 2021

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Jane Dodds MP labels PM’s call for election as ‘desperate’

RESPONDING to the announcement that the Conservative Government will table a motion for a General Election on Monday, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s call for a General Election is a desperate attempt to avoid talking about the fact he has missed his do-or-die deadline of October 31st after failing to ram his Bill through Parliament without proper time for scrutiny.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats will not support having an election until we secure an extension from the EU. Only with an extension can we ensure a no-deal Brexit, which would be incredibly damaging for our farmers and our rural communities, is firmly taken off the table.

“As a party, we believe a People’s Vote is the best way to break the Brexit logjam and help the country move forward. That’s why I’m disappointed Jeremy Corbyn failed to back our amendment to do that today, as it means we have missed yet another chance to help bring this Brexit saga towards a conclusion.”

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