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HOLYHEAD’s inshore lifeboat was called out yesterday (Jul 25) when two kayakers got into difficulties near the fuelling jetty off Holyhead bay.

The pair were spending the hottest day of the year in their sit-on kayaks, but got into trouble when offshore winds began blowing them away from the safety of the shore.

They managed to grab a ladder attached to the jetty, and called for help.

Holyhead volunteers’ pagers sounded just after 3.15pm, and the three-person crew on the D-class lifeboat Mary and Archie Hooper were quickly heading to the scene.

On reaching the duo, the RNLI crew assisted them onto the lifeboat, secured both kayaks, and headed back to the Bolsach part of Holyhead’s Newry Beach.

The ILB then returned back to station at 4pm, where she was washed down and prepared for any further service.

ILB helm Stephanie Fleming said:

“The two men were both wearing buoyancy aids, and had mobile phones with them. They called for help as soon as they realised they were in trouble, which was the right thing to do. They were in good health, and were relieved to see us arriving.”

She added:

“It’s shows how even on a nice day, the offshore winds can cause problems, and it’s important to take that into account when undertaking any activities on the water.”

Holyhead’s launch operations manager David Owens said:

“The D-class lifeboats and the people that crew them are vital assets to the RNLI, and are so important when performing swift rescues such as the one carried out today.”

Photo by: RNLI/Vicki Owens

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