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Keir Starmer indy referendum U-turn proves Labour power base lies in London says Adam Price

PLAID Cymru leader Adam Price has criticised UK Labour Leader Keir Starmer for refusing to commit to another referendum on Scottish independence, even if the SNP win a majority at the Scottish Elections next May.

Mr Price said that Keir Starmer’s comments on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show “undermined democracy” and represented a u-turn on behalf of the Labour Leader who back in January said that the matter was “a question for Scotland.”

The First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford has publicly stated that Wales and Scotland should be allowed to hold an independence referendum if the governing party was mandated to do so.

Adam Price said:

“By refusing to commit to the principle that if the SNP win the Holyrood Elections next May then the Scottish government should have the right to call for an independence referendum, Keir Starmer is completely undermining democracy.

“Not only has he reneged on his comments back in January that this is “a question for Scotland”, but he is also now refusing to answer a fundamental question about citizens’ rights to choose their own future.

“Keir Starmer’s evasive response also undermines Wales’s First Minister who is on the record as supporting allowing Wales and Scotland to hold an independence referendum should a pro-independence government win a mandate at the election.

“Ultimately, it is the UK Labour Leader that drives the party’s policy agenda. No amount of well-meaning comments from the Labour Party in Wales will change the fact that the party’s powerbase will always be in London. Labour will never deliver independence for Scotland or Wales.

“The only way of securing an independence referendum for Wales is for everyone who supports giving our nation a say on its future is to vote for a Plaid Cymru government next May.”

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