September 27, 2021

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Kingsway businesses encouraged to water the trees

WATERING cans have been offered to businesses and organisations on The Kingsway, Swansea, to help protect trees which have been planted along the busy road.

A new group called Swansea Tree Forum, with backing from The Woodland Trust, is behind the initiative.

The group said it wanted to ensure the health of the trees before maintenance was handed over by contractors to Swansea Council.

Swansea Tree Forum co-ordinator Alyson Downey said the response had been very positive, with 10 organisations signing up.

“The willingness to help from the range of people was heartening,” she said.

Alana Evans, a volunteer at British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical, The Kingsway, said: “I think it’s a nice idea.”

Some of the trees on The Kingsway look in better health than others – and concerns have previously been raised by councillors about the proliferation of weeds in shrub beds on nearby West Way.

Swansea Tree Forum is keen to increase the tree canopy in the city as well as protect existing trees.

Mrs Downey, of Derwen Fawr, said 15 new trees provided by The Woodland Trust would be planted in various parts of the city on November 1.

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