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Labour in Denial Over Extent of Social Care Crisis claim Welsh Lib Dems

Responding to reports that up to 1,500 people are medically fit but cannot leave hospital because of a lack of social care, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have accused Labour of being in denial over the extent of the social care crisis in Wales. The party is also supporting calls to pay carers at least £15 an hour.

Commenting Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS said:

“The Welsh Labour Government are in denial over the extent of the crisis in social care in Wales.

“In the Labour-Plaid Cymru Co-operation Deal both parties pledged to “better integrate health and care and work towards parity of recognition and reward for health and care workers”, yet what we see from these figures is how disjointed the two still are.

“Social care is one of the most demanding and important jobs you can do, yet the pay very rarely reflects that. It is not enough for the Welsh Government’s “real Living Wage for social care workers” to be significantly below market rates for most other jobs.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats wholeheartedly support calls to pay carers at least £15 an hour. I would urge Labour and Plaid Cymru to consider these demands in full.

“If we do not tackle to problems in social care, pressures on emergency departments and the NHS as a whole will continue to worsen.

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