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Labour MS Eluned Morgan asks local authorities to remind pub operators of safety responsibilities

LABOUR Senedd Member, Eluned Morgan has asked Local Authorities to remind Mid & West pub and bar operators of their safety responsibilities.

In a letter dated 22nd September 2020, Ms Morgan reiterated the importance of government guidelines and appealed to officials to conduct regional premise inspections, following reports of a number of venues not complying with social distancing measures.

The Government Minister said, “Coronavirus rates are rising in Wales. We need to a robust approach to ensure that venues offer environments which residents can enjoy safely. Although many pubs and bars across Wales are exercising good social distancing practices, some are unfortunately breaching the rules and such negligence has the potential for far reaching consequences. I have therefore asked local authorities across the region to remind licensees of their responsibilities and the consequences of not fulfilling them.

“It is important that customers also play their part if we are to defeat this virus. We must continue to support our local businesses, whether they be shops, bars or restaurants, but we must do it safely.

“By continuing with basics; keeping our distance, wearing face coverings and by washing our hands as much as possible, we can all play our part in curbing the potential for further restrictions in this area.”

Eluned’s letter comes as the Welsh Government imposes tighter restrictions, following a rise in cases that have been linked to social gatherings. Pubs, bars and other premises licensed to sell alcoholic drinks for consumption will now close at 10pm and may not sell alcohol again until 6am at the earliest.


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