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Labour program for Government ‘thin in detail’ and ‘absent of targets’ says Plaid Cymru

RESPONDING to the Labour Government’s program for government, Plaid Cymru Deputy Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said,

“What Wales needs now is a government that will tackle unemployment and NHS waiting times; a government that will address child poverty and its root causes; a government that will solve the housing crisis with the urgency that it requires and a government that will deliver positive and transformational change for everyone who calls Wales their home.

“But there’s nothing transformational or ambitious about Labour’s program for Government.

“There’s no economic strategy to support and help small and medium Welsh businesses grow or any detail on how they will deliver high-skilled, well-paid jobs in all parts of Wales. There’s nothing here that comes close to tackling child poverty – nor any concrete commitment to extending free school meals. And there’s nothing here that addresses the ever-growing housing crisis that is pricing young people out of their communities.

“This program, thin in detail and absent of targets, almost certainly does not provide the new start that Wales so desperately needs and is not the plan needed to take Wales forward to recovery and beyond.


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