April 20, 2021

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Labour’s Deputy Leader: Drakeford is the man with the plan to move Wales forward

LABOUR’S Deputy Leader will make a passionate defence of Welsh Labour’s record in government and say that Mark Drakeford is the man with a plan to get through the pandemic, and use what the crisis has taught us to build a better Wales.

Addressing Welsh Labour’s online conference, ‘Spring Forward’, Angela Rayner will also contrast Mark Drakeford’s thoughtful, competent leadership with the abysmal record of the Tories in Wales.

She will make the case to party members that the clear choice in May is between Welsh Labour, as only party committed to moving Wales forward, and the Tories in Wales who will never stand up to their London bosses, even when their policies hurt Welsh communities.

Making the case to Welsh Labour members why they must campaign ahead of May:

“In January, I called on the Tories to take action against Andrew RT Davies for his disgraceful tweets about the violence at the US Capitol. Did they take action? No, they made him leader!”

“We can’t let the Tories win in Wales.

“The Tories have never put the interests of Wales first, and will never speak out when their policies hurt Wales.

“The Tories in Wales have acted irresponsibly throughout the pandemic, playing politics instead of pulling together, and have ducked the difficult decisions time after time.”

On the difference a Welsh Labour Government makes, she will say:

“In Wales, families don’t need to fight for free school meals every half term and children don’t need to worry if they’re going to go hungry. Because the Welsh Labour Government has extended free school meals right through until next year. That’s the difference Labour makes in power.

“In Wales, the government isn’t wasting money on contracts for Tory donors or boosting Serco’s profits and dividends, the Welsh Labour Government is investing in public services, not outsourcing them and selling them off.

“Welsh Labour put 500 police community support officers on the beat to protect the people of Wales from the worst of Tory cuts to policing across the UK. That’s the type of investment the Tories in Wales have publicly committed to cutting.

“So we need you to help stop the Tories and make sure Mark Drakeford is First Minister after May 6th.”

Praising Mark Drakeford and Welsh Labour’s work in government, she will say:

“With Mark Drakeford, Wales has a thoughtful and competent First Minister who has a plan to get through the pandemic and a vision to build a fairer, greener, more equal Wales. And what a contrast that is with Boris Johnson.

“So I want to pay tribute to Mark for all you have done for the people of Wales during this pandemic.”

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