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A LANDLADY who said she is owed nearly £10,000 in unpaid rent is questioning the take-up of a tenant hardship scheme in Wales.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, said she was interested to know how many renters had applied for a grant.

The scheme is aimed at private sector tenants and was launched by the Welsh Government in July.

Swansea Council has received two applications to date. Carmarthenshire Council has received one.

The landlady, from Swansea, said she has been renting her family home to a family for several years.

She said the family got into arrears through no fault of their own when the Covid crisis hit in March last year and were unable to pay their rent for 12 months.

Measures were put in place to prevent evictions of tenants during the pandemic, and the landlady said she would not have considered it anyway.

“They are a lovely family who got into in difficulties,” she said.

“When I saw the new hardship scheme, I thought this is a chance of recouping some of the bills.

“It has to be applied for by tenants, but the money goes to the landlord.”

She said her tenants had applied for a grant, and that council officers were now in touch with them.

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