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ALL of Wales is at alert level 2. The Welsh Government website has information on how you can keep safe, and what rules are in place to protect people during alert level 2.

You can access daily data on Public Health Wales.

We need to do everything we can to help Keep Carmarthenshire Safe and control the spread of Covid-19 in our communities. The Welsh Government is strongly advising everyone to follow these five measures to stay safe:

Get vaccinated – and if you’ve had your booster appointment, please make attending your priority.
If you are visiting, make sure you take a lateral flow test in the morning before the visit. If it’s positive – don’t go out.
Meeting outdoors is better than indoors. If you’re meeting indoors make sure it’s well ventilated.
Space out your socialising – if you’ve got events arranged, please leave at least a day between them.
And don’t forget about social distancing, wearing a face covering and washing your hands.

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