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Latest Public Health Wales survey shows reducing concern of catching coronavirus

THE latest results of Public Health Wales’ (PHW ) telephone survey shows a reducing concern about catching Covid-19.

In the fourth PHW engagement survey for April 27 to May 3 it indicates that 19 per cent of those spoken to were very worried about getting infected, down from 25 per cent in the second survey.

Around 15 per cent were not worried at all about catching the virus, with 28 per  cent a little worried and 38 per cent moderately worried.

There was greater concern about the death of loved ones according to the survey with 64 per cent worrying a lot about “losing someone to the virus.”

Seven hundred and eight people were contacted with 12 per cent believing they have or have had coronavirus.

More than half, 66 per cent, agreed or strongly agreed that the government is responding well to the pandemic, while 23 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed.

Other key figures include 70 per cent this the restrictions in place to manage coronavirus are “about right” which is an increase from 59 per cent initially.

There was also 74 per cent trust in the police’s ability to restrict people’s movement sensibly.

The proportion of people that say they are confident that the NHS could adequately care for them if seriously ill with the virus has risen to 89 per cent, from 80 per cent following the second survey, and 95 per cent think the NHS is responding well.

The number of people often or always feeling lonely is approaching one in ten, with worry about child welfare, family relationships and feeling isolated also included in the questions.

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