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CEREDIGION’s Language Charter’s latest project was to provide a workshop on how to create a podcast for Ceredigion schools under the care of Marc Griffiths of Stiwdiobox.

Twenty seven schools took part and podcasts were created on the theme of ‘Our Square Mile’. You can find all the podcasts when searching for ‘Clonc Cynefin’ on the Pod platform and Apple podcasts.

Each podcast presents information about the various areas of Ceredigion. The history of the Nantymoch Dam can be heard by Ysgol Sir John Rhys and the history of the Cnapan game and Llanwenog sheep with Cledlyn Valley School. Plenty of history and adventure await you while listening to your podcast.

The project gave pupils the opportunity to develop their Welsh oral skills and increase and improve ICT and arts skills.

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Lily Macy and Malen Davies from Ysgol y Mynach said:

“We really enjoyed creating the podcast, we had the opportunity to do every piece of the podcast, the research, scripting, recording and even editing the whole podcast with Marci G – it was a great experience!”

Rhiannon Carruthers, Ysgol y Mynach Teacher, added:

“The whole experience has been great for everyone, we have learned so much about the area and now we also have the opportunity to teach you about the area and history of Devil’s Bridge. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

The podcast channel was launched during the Ceredigion Language Co-ordinators Network meeting on 1 February 2022 with Councillor Catrin Miles, Marc Griffiths of Studiobox and Hanna Hopwood of BBC Radio Cymru present.

Councillor Catrin Miles, Cabinet Member for Schools, Lifelong Learning & Skills, Support and Intervention said:

“What a great project for Ceredigion pupils. I am sure that the project has given the pupils the opportunity to research and get to know their habitat as well as giving the special opportunity to learn about local history and legends. I look forward to hearing the podcasts.”


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