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Leader of Plaid Cymru comes out on top in debate claims Jonathan Edwards

PLAID Cymru Leader, Adam Price, wins BBC Election Debate and puts Wales on the Westminster agenda according to Jonathan Edwards.

Speaking from the spin room, Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards said that Plaid Cymru’s Leader Adam Price ‘won’ the BBC Election Debate and had firmly put Wales on the Westminster agenda.

Mr Edwards said that the Plaid Cymru Leader was “head and shoulders” above other party leaders in Wales and was “on course” to become the next First Minister of Wales in 2021.

Mr Edwards said the Plaid Cymru Leader had taken both the Labour and the Tories ‘to task’ on their failings in running Welsh public services, resulting in Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State calling for a public inquiry and legal investigation into Cwm Taf Health Board which is run by her own Labour Welsh Government.

During the debate, Mr Price echoed his key election pledge to eradicate poverty in Wales and lift Wales from the bottom of the economic league tables.

He was also the only party representative to mention Wales, Adam Price put Wales on the Westminster election and landed a scathing blow on Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of leadership on Brexit.

Mr Price was joined by Nicola Sturgeon MSP (SNP), Caroline Lucas (Green) Rebecca Long Bailey (Labour), Richard Tice (Brexit Party), Rishi Sunak (Conservative) and Jo Swinson (Lib Dem) at the Senedd building to debate the key issues in the 2019 General Election.

Speaking from the post-debate spin room, Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards who’s standing for re-election in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr said,

“What tonight’s performance shows is that Adam Price is by far head and shoulders above any other politician in Wales and is on course to be the next First Minister of Wales.

“Single-handedly tonight, Adam Price put Wales on the Westminster agenda. Not only was he offering positive policy ideas for the challenges which face our country but he also didn’t shy away from taking Labour and Tories to task over their failure of the mismanagement of public services in the UK and here in Wales.

“In a refreshing intervention, Labour’s shadow secretary call for a full public enquiry into her own party and her own government’s failings. The First Minister should make an urgent public statement on when this inquiry will begin.

“Whether its eradicating carbon, eradicating waste or eradicating poverty, Plaid Cymru has an ambitious and exciting plan to positively transform Wales’s economic fortunes and building the country we know Wales can be. But to do that, the people of Wales have to vote for real change, vote for Wales’ party. Wales, it’s us.

In his closing statement, Mr Price said:

“We can build a future that’s better than the past, but we can only do it if we back ourselves, if we vote for our own party.”

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